iMinds rebrand

Last monday, iMinds was launched (formerly known as iBBT).

These links explain why the name was changed and what iMinds stands for:
- IBBT becomes iMinds:
- IBBT has a new name. We are now called iMinds.

The logo i designed for the rebrand, still contains a lot of recognizable elements from the previous one - but with a condensed font.
This shot is a representation of my first idea (which was rejected - it was too complex)

I started with a circle divided in 10 parts with 10 different colors to represent each department within iMinds (iLab.o, iLab.t, digital society dept., future health dept., future internet dept., future media & imaging dept., the conference, security dept. Mix and MyMinds).

My idea was to give each department a "landscape" illustration to characterize the activities of the department (Health, security etc). From within the circle the sun ray (that is also used in the logo itself) would 'shine' over the "landscape part"

A FAQ page is provided for the rebranding

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