7 Responses

  1. Melanie Matthews Melanie Matthews

    He's from Europe.

    over 1 year ago

  2. Abigail Page Abigail Page

    Love it! Great use of texture, and that expression... I want to see what he's looking at!

    over 1 year ago

  3. Igor Ivankovic Igor Ivankovic

    beautiful style! Love the benign expression and he is very lovable character! Bravo!

    over 1 year ago

  4. Ben Wood Ben Wood

    He's the BEST! Good one!

    over 1 year ago

  5. Brandon Land Brandon Land

    Melanie. stop it.


    over 1 year ago

  6. Melanie Matthews Melanie Matthews

    NO! :)

    Thanks guys.

    over 1 year ago

  7. George Olaru George Olaru

    Soo nice :D bears are my favourite animals. And you are drawing them soo nice.

    over 1 year ago

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