Lauren Okura (she/her)

Website: Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Initiative

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Website: Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Initiative child sexual abuse stickers lapel pins community resource non-profit fundraiser so kids stay kids education survivor support prevention awareness

The Project: Website design and build for

I created this website as a "safe space" to come for awareness and prevention information including resources, tools, and materials for parents and caregivers to educate their children with age-appropriate conversations and activities to help develop an understanding of body safety, consent, trusted networks, and more. It's also a place that supports survivors in their healing journeys.

You can also purchase pins and stickers with 100% of profits donated to non-profits fighting to put a stop to sexual child abuse.
Designed Out Of Love is an initiative that was created to share awareness and prevention information towards child sexual abuse, and to support non-profit organizations working to protect kids. Learn more and purchase an awareness and prevention pin with all profits donated to the cause:

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