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Istat server dribbble 2x

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This is the final iStat Server icon (the server companion app to iStat for iOS).

Details — Early images and some of the document's techniques explained.

Movie — I saved lots of versions of the icon as I was working. This is the result.

iStat Server 512 — The full, final Photoshop document of the icon.

iStat Server 512.png — A bigger version for ogling.

If you're going to scale this icon (or one set up like it), then you'll need the Scale Patterns to 100% script and Mask Feathering scripts, because both techniques are used heavily and scaling without the scripts will look hideous.

They're both available here, for free, because we're nice.

The rules: This PSD is provided for education purposes only. If you use it or parts of it in a commercial product, I will hunt you down and feed you live cockroaches. Feel free to replicate the tricks though.

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