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Discover your power

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I've been working on this tagline for a while now. Tried lots of ways to emulate lipstick, different mediums and surfaces...
When I found the texture I'd been looking for, I figured I couldn't reach a great result with the script itself.
So I invited the dear calligraphy master Andréa Branco to handle the simple casual –but with loads of personality– script.
She delivered it with class, I had around 20 options to mess with and get to a final result. I gathered individual characters from different scans, played with angles and placements, etc. until I got to something very close to this final result.
When I started creating the construction grid for the tagline, I found lots of harmonic proportions on the composition, so went on and sealed the deal with some extra dragging of things around so that they fit a bit snuglier without losing any of the casual feel of it.

Check attachment for some measures and the whole artwork! :)

anyways, the good work here is Andréa's so you should check her flickr out:

and whoever is in Brazil should try her classes, they're great!

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