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I used @Joel Glovier's MAMP icon for MAMP and was like hmm... when I start it up it still has that blah Elephant icon. So I found the file in the contents of the program and took the new icon and masked to old one so when I started MAMP up not only did I have a cool icon in the dock but I also had one in the MAMP interface.

To perform this just download the mamplogo.tif and the open up your applications fold and find MAMP and then select the MAMP application, then control click and select "Show PAckage Contents", navigate to the Resources folder and replace the old .tif file with the new one. Close down MAMP and open terminal and type "killall Dock" this will relaunch you Dock and then launch MAMp and your new interface icon should be there.

Note you may need to redo this process after updates.

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