"Lie Detector" App - UI for iPhone - Final

Lie detector app   ui   final

2 Attachments

Finally! The UI for "Lie Detector" App is done! I hope you like it! Don't forget to see the attachments for 2 reasons:
1) Full pixels tasty of this UI;
2) 3D iPhone 5 view with this UI (full tasty pixels).

Thanks a lot to @Pixeden that share that amazing 3D view of iPhone 5 (http://drbl.in/fwHU - here the link to the shot). This is what I was looking for to show my UI better! HUGE THANKS mate!!! :-)

Also Huge Thanks to @Ben Henschel that make me figured out that the bad floppy icon was...awful! Man, I change that! :-P

Also Huge Thanks to @kirk visola that suggest me to change the main fot onApp's name! Thanks man!! :-)

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