Classic Handheld : Donkey Kong 1982

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First upload, this is for senor Jimmy Balia , thanks for inviting me to dribbble.
Jimmy have this thing towards gorilla, so i figure "donkey kong" was the right thing to do :))


Im fairly new to the whole icon design , and after a long trial and errors, this is what i come up with so far, i've done couple of more "games" with this set up, i will share it soon.

This is a homage to the classic handheld game , brands like Nintendo,Mattel,Akklaim, Konami, Bandai and so much more , were the "shit" back during the late 70s and early 80s.
Im simply trying to capture their 'soul' and smack it up on today's icon design style.
so its a lil mix of both era i guess.

Im cooking some other 'games' atm, and suggestion on what classic game should i do, will be nice :)

last, excuse for the english, hope you guys understand what im trying to describe :)



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