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City tour of Tuban App #2

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Exploration of Tuban Regency, East Java Indonesia. Tuban is a district that is very rich in a variety of historical and religious tourism. many historical relics are scattered throughout the Tuban. Mid-East can be interpreted because the geographical location of Tuban is located on the border of East Java and Central Java. There is also a version that says the Mid-East term is obtained because Tuban is an Islamic city.
This page is conceptualized for the Tuban City Local Tourism Tour application. there are many choices of attractions and culinary. Users can find the best recommendations on the main page. with illustrations that illustrate the landmarks of the Tuban district can give full confidence to the user. the use of a simple CTA button will also make it easy for users to register.

If you go to Indonesia, don't forget to visit Tuban. we will await your arrival.

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