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Nowadays there is no safety not only for women and children but also for men. In order to overcome this problem, I have come up with a solution by creating an app called “DUDE” which will be very helpful for the society. This app consists of 5 sections namely

Emergency section, Which contains SOS button and emergency phone numbers for your city

Act as Citizen cop section, In which you can report any incident which will be sent to the police database so that they can take action (Separate app for police to view all these reports). This will create a healthy relationship between police and people

Homework help section, This will become the most loved section especially for students who can get an answer to any subject question and also the step-by-step solution for math problems (In-Built Artificial Intelligence). They can enter, scan or just read out the question and the relevant answer is right away.

Forum section, if the artificial intelligence is not able to answer your question don’t worry I have also provided a forum in which you can interact with other users of this app

Miscellaneous section, This section contains additional features such as

Nearby place finder, if you are new to some city and a shy person (like me) to ask some nearby hotels or any other place, Don’t worry this feature will be helpful for you.


Realtime Weather


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