Type Set Match: 10 Timeframes, No. 2

Type set match rama gothic

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I Decided to take a different approach with this [second] version. On the topic of time and our collective experience [of it], I began thinking about expansion and contraction.

In this vein, Rama Gothic Condensed seemed an appropriate display face.


For text, I paired it with Alto normal which is a lovely humanist sans from OurType. It feels roomy when contrasted with the tightness of Rama though I honestly didn't give the pairing all that much thought. The two just felt right together, more of a happy accident than anything.


Naturally, I began thinking about time as measurement as well and went looking for a reason to use FF Chartwell. I chose the lovely pies variant in attempt to render a "setting sun," albeit it minimally graphic in appearance.


See the full version here: http://dribbble.com/shots/759718-Type-Set-Match-10-Timeframes-No-2/attachments/74586

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