Type Set Match: 10 Timeframes, No. 1

Type set match fig script

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In my mind, Ford's article highlighted an interesting contrast between our (human) innately fluid perception of time and the prescriptive nature of mechanical time. With my choice of typefaces, I tried to elucidate this tension:

Process Type's Fig Script for display—an oddly upright and geometric script face that I feel attempts to indict the rigidity of the pixel grid while still working within it. Initially, the headline felt a little too flat and lifeless, so I chose to add a touch of depth with a subtle drop shadow.


Process Type's Klavika for text—a squarish, technical sans-serif with a humanist bent. According to the foundry's website: "a cross of humanist and geometric influences with allegiances to neither." I used stylistic alternates to swap out what I consider to be an unfortunate, default lowercase g.


I chose a dissonant modular scale (18px @ 1:1.875) to build out my grids and hierarchies and establish a basic layout. From there, I worked from intuition and feel to arrive at the final product. See the full version here:


As always, feedback is appreciated!

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