Contact Center with Artificial Intelligence speech analysis

Hi, people from the future,

Imagine that your company's contact center can use an AI-powered chatbot to welcome your customers and provide insight to your people on the customers' sentiment, all of this in real-time.

Also, it will guide your people on the best course of action through the customer's tone and speech. Can you imagine the difference that would make in your business?

We, at OutSystems , decided to make the future happen now. We created an application that gives you not only the overall sentiment, guidance to the operator driven by the client's speech but also all the interaction history, enabling your contact center team to perform better in both inbound and outbound.

A complete contact experience with no limits, that was presented in 2019 Denver NextStep, the annual OutSystems event, where all the new cool stuff get disclosed. If you hurry, you might catch in 2019 Amsterdam NextStep.

I would like to thank Ricardo Sousa for the Video animation, Sergio Miguel for helping with ideas and Bruno Charters for the Mobile app design.

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