Bjango Actions 1.6

Bjango actions 1.6

I've just updated my set of Photoshop Actions for iOS, app and web designers again, this time with some *awesome* new scripts. I can say that and maintain all modesty, because I didn't write them.

The scripts are:
Scale Mask Feather by 50%
Scale Mask Feather by 200%
Scale Mask Feather
Scale Patterns to 100%

I've incorporated them into my Scale by 200% and Scale by 50% Actions. This means the Actions scale the document, reset all patterns to 100% scale, then scale the mask feathering, resulting in noise textures remaining sharp and mask feathering maintaining apparent scale when going between Retina and non-Retina sizes.

The results can be seen above.


Download the new Actions, Workflows, Tools and Scripts:

Read more about them:

Credits can be found on GitHub, but most of the new scripts were created by David Jensen. All the non-scripty bits were made by me.



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