RentInTheHeights Redesign


7 Responses

  1. Axel Norvell Axel Norvell

    Doing a redesign of my parents website. Here's a quick shot of the header :)

    over 3 years ago

  2. Milos Sutanovac Milos Sutanovac

    Nice highlight on the hover state... also liking the lower area.

    Really nothing that sticks out in a negative way. Guess I have to look at it a bit more... :)

    over 3 years ago

  3. Alex Marin Alex Marin

    Like I said before, this is looking really good there man!

    over 3 years ago

  4. Andrea Garza Andrea Garza

    love the green!

    over 3 years ago

  5. Pawel Ludwiczak Pawel Ludwiczak

    that slightly visible pattern in the top green bar is awesome. generally good work!

    over 3 years ago

  6. Axel Norvell Axel Norvell

    Hey, thanks guys! :D

    over 3 years ago

  7. Daniel Sandvik Daniel Sandvik

    Love it!

    almost 3 years ago

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