Type Set Match: 10 Timeframes

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Rebound me! This is the first volley of a Type Set Match, a fun way to spend time on Dribbble and an easy way to practice typography. Plus, swell excerpts from Contents Magazine. Find simple instructions and more about Type Set Match here: http://nicewebtype.com/x/75

Here's the first volley, and a bit about my choices:

After reading Paul Ford's article, I felt like setting this excerpt in Adobe Caslon. I'm not sure why. I just love Caslon. Maybe it's because I wanted to end with that great emphasized question, and I knew Caslon had a nice italic. Franklin Gothic has the same sort of working class feel as Caslon, and I've seen them used together in the past, so I gave it a shot for the heading and metadata.

I chose font sizes using Caslon's expanded specimen at Typekit (with help from Chrome dev tools) and this modular scale. I eyeballed the other measurements and the colors.

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