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Cabinet Cures Logo - 2019 Update

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I currently work part-time for Velare Media. I build graphics and websites. Cabinet Cures is one of Velare's biggest clients. They are a franchise with many locations across the USA.

The client's old logo had an artificial red tone, an arch over the cc and overall the logo had an outdated 3d vibe. The client wanted the door to be updated using something they actually sell to clients. I couldn't change the typography because this font is used in many company trucks, signage, and various print media.

I ended up borrowing a couple of dozen raw door samples and I was able to scan in different cabinet door grains. I was also given a list of colors of top-selling cabinets to model the stain after. This logo is a Cherry cabinet door with a Harvest stain. Even though I just redesigned the cabinet part of the logo it was a fun project to do.

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