Martin Ollivere

Archetype, a tool for creating typography design systems

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Archetype is a side project created by myself and Jamie Gilman to help designers create typography design systems and pair fonts more easily. I had always spent a lot of time trying to set up appropriate sizing and spacing for typographic elements in designs and we wanted this tool to be able to do all the hard work in just a few clicks. In addition it would base sizing and spaces on a modular scale to underpin the typography design on visually harmonious proportions.
The other huge benefit was being able to export the typography design out to Sketch to use in designs or as CSS to hand over to a developer. This saved Jamie and I hours of work.
Seeing typography and spacing exactly how it looks in the browser (which always render slightly differently to graphics software like Sketch) was also really helpful in deciding which fonts to use and how best to size and space them.

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