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I wanted to design a music app that nobody needs, but one that I think people would like to have. Here's some ideas for Sonido!


- Integrates and pulls from Rdio, Grooveshark, Google Play, iTunes...
- Ties into Facebook/Twitter/Etc to share tracks (very light on social though. Keep it about music).
- Grabs hi-def images to display as a booklet you'd get with a record (maybe pull info, neat tidbits from Wikipedia).
- Allow users to display the music video for the current track (via Youtube, Vimeo) and sync the time.
- Try and bring the feeling of an album into the player.
- (Big maybe) User accounts to keep songs, playlists from different services synced on different devices and locations on Sonido.

Design & form

- Minimalist design, maybe font choices based on band
- Maybe be able to show a record spinning (needle indicates the time, when you change a track, needle lifts and then drops).
- Trying to make the core features solid. Stripping away anything not required to listen to sound.
- Be able to see what's playing from a distance, the artists faces, the crowd or the studio.

Let me know what you think. I'm calling it Sonido and it's the music app I want! Maybe we can build this as a web app...

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