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Currently designing a modal window for a platform-independent news app we're in the process of building.

Shown in this shot is a 3rd level settings view. Users can add custom news filters, i.e. Tiger Woods. First level would be "Sports", second "Golf" and third "Tiger Woods". On each level, users will be able to select from which sources (websites) they want to receive news on the selected subject. They can also filter (limit to) specific words (entities).

The user can go up one level by either tapping "‹‹ Golf" at the bottom, or alternatively, by tapping the "‹" icon in the header. It'll also be possible to go to the first level immediately, by tapping the "‹‹" icon.

In the first level, it will be possible to enable/disable certain subcategories, i.e. Golf/Football/Tennis/etc.

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