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Drawtober: 10 of 31 – Bigfoot

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Drawtober-Inktober-Drawlloween-Monster-Sketch-Prompt-Thing - 10 of 31 - Bigfoot 🦶

Catching back up still!! Have any of you ever watched the movie Strange Wilderness? It's a really dumb-funny movie with one of the best-laughing commentary scenes by Steve Zahn. Kills me every time. It's basically about a wilderness-themed show that goes hunting Bigfoot. It also has a fantastic exchange that you need to see in the movie to fully appreciate, which ends with Steve Zahn saying "You are shitting me! You know Bigfoot's name?" [chef-kiss] 👨‍🍳😘

Anyways, Strange Wilderness was on my mind last night while illustrating Bigfoot. Also, feels a little Plant of the Apes-like - the old-school look. Who knows if Bigfoot is really out there?! It could be! 😂

And, I'm excited to finish up the current freelance project I'm working on – it's been so much fun and it's for a funny event, so bonus!!

And, on a side-note: Please, please if you can take any of my advice, quotes, ranting, etc… take this one. Do passion projects. Make the art/illustration/design that you care about and love. It will show, and like in Field of Dreams, “If You Build It, They Will Come.” As in, clients. I might get 10 likes on a post, sometimes 50 or more, that doesn’t matter much. It matters who it resonates with. Since I’ve rebuilt my Instagram/Behance/etc. with Daily Sketches, Zodiac, Tarot, Hand-lettering and other work – almost all exclusively passion projects, I’ve received freelance requests for some awesome projects. Some might not go through, but a couple already have. Trust yourself and be honest. Try not to ride on bandwagons and be fake. Practice as much as you physically can and mentally want to. You don’t have to post everything, and everything doesn’t have to be perfect. And above all else remember… I loooove tattoos, but I don’t want to design/illustrate them. If you’ve watched Arrested Development, replace the “No Touching” with “No Tattoos” when you think of me /end. 💖 😅

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