Lilium - Homepage Prototype

Lilium Jet - Homepage Design (Prototype)

Lilium is developing a revolutionary on-demand air taxi service that is powered by the all-electric, vertical take-off and landing Lilium Jet.

Let say you want to live in the mountains, but work in the city? Far away from the city, far away from your work but again - so close. :)

Imagine you travel 300km in just 60 minutes, how cool is that?

Goals I suppose they want to achieve because they are a high growth company are:
- Expand the team, and find more engineers.
- Improve awareness to visitors (make them talk about Lilium)

Strategy and solutions for these problems on my designs are
First Problem - Find more engineers:
- Explain the future of Lilium well, and show technical ability.
- Make hire cta buttons and sections clear and visible.
- Show personality, make them feel like they are already members of the team. (Future pages)

The second problem - Improve awareness of visitors:
- Highlight their video in the header, and make it shareable. If they see the real power of the Lilium, and how cool it is .. they will share with friends.
- Highlight news/blogs on the homepage. If there is some news about Lilium, and visitors found it interesting ... they will share.

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Posted on Oct 15, 2019
Stefan Popadic
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