Don't forget your password

Password change

This is how you change forgotten BIOS password on newer Thinkpads.

Lenovo support says that the laptop is so ultra secure that the only option is to replace the motherboard (at measly $1500). Asking the same question on Lenovo forums leads to a topic getting locked with a snobby remark saying that one can't discuss how to circumvent security. Nevermind it's actually your own laptop. That'll show 'em, those pesky customers!

Anyhow, you download the repair manual, take out the screwdrivers and disassemble the whole thing. Take everything off - keyboard, cooling system, speakers, LCD panel and what not - then get to the motherboard, flip it over, peel protective sheet of plastic and there'll be that itsy-bitsy, 4mm a side chip. That little fucker is an EEPROM with the forgotten password. Next solder wires to two out of 8 tiny legs, hook them up to the impromptu I2C interface (a breadboard + 2 zener diods + 2 resistors), connect to another laptop's serial port and then dump the contents of the chip. Almost there, almost. Now forward the dump to a company along with $50, and they will reply with a patched version back. Flush it back to the EEPROM, reboot and... guess what?... no password.

Long story short - stay away from "Trusted Computing Platforms" or be damn sure to write your passwords down.

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