I love, how Grooveshark improves their mobile solution, built with html5. I don't jailbreak my phone, so the one way to use it on my iPhone is bookmark on springboard and opening it in Safari (with lots of needless UI elements of browser).

I decided to use my Objective-C experience and write something especially for me - kind of native app that will include html5 version of grooveshark, but without any superfluous bars. It's pretty easy in fact, took only few minutes, but not anybody can have a time or experience.

If you're interested to get the code - I can share it on GitHub - just let me know in comments below.

I don't think Apple agrees to accept this sort of apps - they rejected original Grooveshark app -it's the reason, why the app is available only in Cydia.

Here you can see a super unprofessional video (sorry for quality), but notice how it works :)

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