10 FARINETS local money

10 Farinets - Local currency created in the region of Valais in the middle of the Swiss Alps.


On the mountain side its a view of "Les Dents du Midi" 3257m. Its a mountain well known for being at the doors of the Alp. It is very impressive to drive from flat land to Valais, going through the only access the Alps allow you and see on one side "Les dents du midi" and on the other side "La Dent de Morcles". The motorway passes between those giants like they where silents majestic guardians.

On the animal side its a Tétras-lyre. It is the chicken of the Alps yep. Its a wild bird that disappear slowly so its very rare to see one. Above the mighty wild chick, Its the "Reliquary Chief of Saint Candide" a master piece of the roman's treasury of St-Maurice

this local currency needs help since the persons who are taking care of it hope for people reinforcement.
The entire movement of this local currency is pretty much misunderstood by the people of the region who prefer pay by contactless cards and basically pay by any numeric devices.
Probably because we are living in a world where financial transactions are pretty well installed and it's difficult for any alternatives to find it's way through what's already efficient.
It's a bit of a shame because the purpose of a local currency is to make the people ask themself "what is like to have confidence into a note, what does it represent and where the money goes for what benefits at which price" At Ademus our role has been to release the design but not only, it matches with our sense of questioning existing purposes.
Obviously as the creators of those visuals, we are hopping it will continue to be spent in Valais

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