Ibislinux Evolution Redborn (Just Enthusiast)

Design Logo Ibislinux for Evolution Redborn.
this is im just Enthusiast & Big Fans to this GNU/Linux type.

IbisLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Linux From Scratch, work of an interest in open-source, where users can learn from the beginning about the applications in it. With easy and light use, IbisLinux is more specifically for Low End x64 devices, because of its lightness, even 2GB RAM can run Ibis Linux.

And Then,this is operation system just for Security or Penetration Testing. ohh i forget one, Ibislinux was from my Country is Indonesian.
you can use and visit web on this below.

Visit Official Website : https://ibislinux.or.id/
Download : https://ibislinux.or.id/downloads.html

Design by AdiWijaya
Thanks for Ibislinux

Posted on Oct 12, 2019

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