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DailyUI #006 : User Profile

Yesterday's challenge was to create a user profile for any platform. I decided to have some fun with it and design the desktop app that goes with the music app logo I created for the last challenge. Building the prototype from scratch took around 5 hours (made 12 screens).

As a music fanatic, I combined my favorite features of popular music streaming platforms to create this hybrid. Specifically, I like the social aspect of SoundCloud but the overall UX of Spotify.

I added a messaging feature to allow members to easily communicate with each other. A bio and social media icons were added to further help connect people. In addition, I gave members the ability to see others' liked songs on their profiles. Members also have the ability to customize which songs--whether it's their own or not--to feature in their Featured Tracks (kind of like a highlight reel), which gives people a chance to quickly gauge someone's music taste even if they don't have any uploads.

100-Day UI challenge:

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