Deactivate & Delete SIMs Modal

SIM Deactivation is a one way street. All cellular services stop when the command is sent. So we want this to be easy for clients, but with just enough friction that there aren't accidental errors.

Error Prevention
Since we cannot lean on "error recovery" in our UX, we lean on error prevention. Users are required to type DEACTIVATE and then the number of SIM cards to confirm they have selected the correct devices.

When deactivating a single SIM, we alter this confirmation step by asking for the last four digits of the SIM's identification number (known as an ICCID).

Lastly, we built a custom "Hold to Delete" button that further confirms intentions around this permanent step. (See Sean's shot on the micro-interactions of this button.)

Audit Trail
Within any team collaboration tool, having a sense of who did what, and when is important. So we build in a new state for each individual device that surfaces additional details about when any deactivation occurs — and which Admin on the team deactivated this device.

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