Paarth Desai

Management App for Flatmates

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As more and more people are flocking to urban areas in search of jobs, a lot of people spend most of their twenties sharing a flat with roommates.

Assuming roommates have been matched and have started living together, imagine a product that could make the roommate experience excellent.

In the last half-century, the accommodation style of young people has undergone an amazing shift.

Friends and Strangers have essentially replaced spouses and families as the first living-partners for young Americans — more than 40 percent of young people are living with friends or strangers.

But most of the people are not satisfied with their roommates, especially females. According to a research conducted with 30 male and 30 female undergraduates, more than half of the female participants felt not satisfied with their roommates and have ever thought about changing a roommate.

Most of times, people find it hard to manage household tasks with their roommates and easy to cause unpleasantness or even conflicts.

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