Drawing the Asura


I'm back. But to be honest, I am truly into drawing now. I believe in the future at this point that I would love to settle in either a UI/Icon Designing job or Concept Art job, but this will obviously require a lot of skill in both of these art styles.

There will be more design to come - but I just thought I should note that the delay between this shot and the last, while regular for some users on dribbble, is irregular for me. However, please don't expect shots 5 times a week as I have previously posted. They're going to start getting more uncommon, likely.

Don't worry though, I'll always be passionate about design and arts in some way, and I'll always keep you posted. I'm trying my best to get my hands off Guild Wars for a little bit so I can post here and get my designs up again, but it's all a matter of being young and uncommited, meaning that I should spend time enjoying myself, not doing something I feel pushed into. Not at this point anyway.

That also leads onto a note I want to leave here for any designer. If you don't want to design one day, don't design. Don't go into Photoshop/Illustrator and force anything, as it will just be a massive waste. I guarantee you cannot design well if you aren't in the mood to design said thing. This document started off as a UI, but I just couldn't think of any ideas. Then I got beautiful painting ideas in my head, and I knew what was going on that document.

This is in no way a leaving note, guys. I'll still be active as ever.

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