Live Program Chat: Wireframe

Liveprogramchatwireframe joelmarsh

I love doing wireframes in a half-designed way. This shot is from a project I did for in Sweden, which had HUGE results.

Using this style allowed us to bring in external designers and let them focus on the details instead of trying to work out layouts — we had a two-week deadline for the whole site, and they made it!

In my opinion this style (like Josh's) allows designers to still put their magic touch on it, while working ultra-efficiently (when that is needed). Sometimes, though, a basic keynote wireframe will do the trick too. ;)


EDIT: I forgot to say what this is! This is the wireframe for a page where people can chat, tweet, and FB comment about programs on TV now, soon, or recently. The dark box in the middle is a real-time poll so live television can be controlled by the audience.

We designed apps to match, too. ;)

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