Planned Parenthood

Top are the two elephants again in the shape of P's. There are a lot of reasons why an elephant is relevant to PP.
Elephants are very loyal to their young.

PP is all about education and information and elephants are known to be incredibly smart.

The GOP animal is an elephant that faces RIGHT. These elephants, while a symbol of the GOP, faces LEFT, if you get my meaning...

PP foster discussion and dialogue about none other than the elephant in the room, sexual health and sexual education.

And the second mark are two whales, since whales are also very loyal to their young, and they also look like speech bubbles (discussion&dialogue) and P's.

I understand there's a lot of political opinions with an organization such as PP, but that is also part of what I want to do is shift the focus of PP away from political discussion and back to what it is really about, sexual health and education.

So top, bottom, or neither?

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