AMW Monogram


Jumping the gun a little here as the deposit hasn't cleared yet but was pretty much gifted this solution because of the client's name, her very personalised service and the relationship between architectural structure and interior space.

For me the monogram is a classic representation of personal, individualised service practices but also reflective of the one-on-one business integrity of the past. At its most basic the design solution is a large A built from AMW letter-forms executed with a contemporary geometric structural and consistent line-weight to represent interior space and its relationship with internal architectural features. I've kept it simple to reflect a sense of restraint, reliable consistency, experience and knowledge with rounded terminals to soften it slightly. I'm considering a bronze on black foil finish, a simple logo-type with subtle craft cues and a stationary solution that utilises uncoated fabric-like textures and an embossed copper foil print-finish.

These are two separate assets with slight (and intentional) imperfections to give them a subtle sense of history/experience.

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