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Looks as though Jennie Cross is in need of an acetabuloplasty! 😮 Luckily, Dr Sophie Braketz is on duty to perform the procedure, even if the lights go out in the facility. 🏥💡

In all seriousness though, Nodus Medical is an application that aims to make the lives of surgeons a little easier. It comes with a dark mode, since different operations require different environments.
Some operating theatres happen to be very dark if, for instance, only one spotlight can be turned on during a procedure. We have introduced the dark mode, which makes reading from a 2-meter distance trouble-free, to ensure that surgeons can work efficiently even in quite extreme conditions.
Fingers crossed Jennie gets discharged from the orthopedic block all better soon. Instead of a “get well soon” card though, make sure to leave a like!

You can also read more here: When surgery meets military aviation — the design challenges by Magdalena Pitula

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