Good for Sale

Well-crafted Figma web UI kit to design better pages

Landing pages reusable templates kit based on 13 categories: Hero covers, Navigation, Product features, Cards, Tables, Call to action, Pricing plans, Forms, Image grids, Testimonials, FAQ, Footers, Roadmap, Calculator, Code snippet and more.

● Ready to use Figma templates for web design. A variety of Google Fonts available as text styles. Colors are easy to customize.

● You'll spend just an evening to build a landing page for a product, because this library contains everything: Headers, Footers, Features, Plans, etc.

● If you're a freelancer or web design studio you can produce more landing pages per week. We've dealt with many clients and this library will cover their every desire in advance.

● This web kit is well-organized. Each UI item comes with resizing constraints set correctly. You will discover a lot of blocks which fit together.

Preview for Figma:

Explore the blocks:

Material Website Toolkit Demo.fig
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