Dribbble PSD Passing

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Hello all and welcome to the very first Dribbble community game!


The rules and the goal is simple, we distribute a PSD in which we start a simple shape, give it to a random user that posted a comment in the shot and that user now can add one more shape layer, blending options included.

This will be done for 50 layers - 60 layers but that is all up to you folks and how much creativity can you push inside of this PSD!

The rules are:

- Only one layer is allowed

-No merging of layers is allowed

-Next users will be selected randomly based on the number of comments inside the shot then divided by 2, so the more comments the more chance you will be selected!

-The PSD cannot be shared with other users unless they were selected by the last PSD holder

-Only shape layers, no rasters please

-For each layer you will leave your name so that we know who made those shapes!

-that new PSD user need to rebound this with their new shapes

Once the thing is completed the psd will be shown publicly and all of you can see it and probably make fun of it!

Now start commenting and start PASSING!

And happy dribbling!

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