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Instagram AR - The Look Around feature

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Many times I’ve wondered how I can spend my spare time in a new place or find something awesome to see, take a photo or eat something special. In this case, I use Instagram, but looking for all of it is a waste of time and it’s not easy. I wanted to have a feature on Instagram that helps me find good stuff instantly, near me.


The Look Around feature would allow you to quickly find anything you want around you. All you need to do is activate the function and look around! You can swipe to change a category: Food, Travel, Style, etc. Even filter by popular #hashtag.

Technical point of view:

Very important. It’s not an exaggerated feature that cannot be implemented. All points in the camera view are like the “places” feature on Instagram, so technically these points exist but only as a marker on the map. I hope so!

💬 What do you think about it?

👏🏻 Kudos

Marcin Sasin for pretty animation
Paweł Stomma for usability advice

It's not an official Instagram feature. That was created as a concept.


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