Aerolab – Web 2019

I’m really proud to unveil this shot of Aerolab’s new website and core identity, on which we have been working hard over the last few months.

As Aerolab continues to grow as a design agency, one of the challenges we faced was learning to refine the identity of the brand and apply it cohesively.

The new Aerolab website is telling a story about what Aerolab is, what services we provide, and how it fits our clients’ business needs.

The goal of the overall redesign was to refine our visual language to make it simpler, more fun and more communicative, and also to develop a unique and unified design system that is transferable to all media.

Other shots will be publish soon, stay tuned ✨

IllustrationsAle RámirezSofía Salazar
Motion DesignJuan Ignacio Scocozza
Team — Agustín Linenberg, Aldana Mandino, Alejandro Vizio, Bautista Aguiar, Ezequiel Apelbaum, Iván Pojomovsky, Juani Ruiz Echazu, Julieta Luna, Ludmila Aveillera, Mariano Felche,María Gimenez, Natalia Inés Quiroga Sáez, Nicolás Andronowicz, Roberto Gonzalez

Here's some more Aeromagic for ya' ✨
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