Fable Button

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I had this idea for a new send/submit button this week after playing way to many hours of Fable 2. Watch for a quick in-game example of the effect.

My idea consists of a button that must be held down to activate the event.

We use the "click" event for almost everything. Heck, some people click just to click. This "click and hold" really makes the user think about what they are doing. I believe it has a more satisfying effect as well.

Not only does it make the user pay attention to what they are doing. It also gives the user better feedback.

Some of the current issues that this type of button could clear up are as follows:

Accidental clicks
Separating the button from other click events
Better feedback user

This is just a simple idea that I hope you take an interest in. If you have thoughts on how to make this better, I would love to hear your ideas!

My friend Jeremy posted a great demo at his site. http://projects.jeremygiberson.com/fabled/

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