Contacts CSS (WIP)

Contacts css

This time I was hunting "Contacts" mockup by Bart.
It reminded me part of my old interface work – – and I thought it will be nice warm-up.

Tested in latest Safari, FIrefox, Opera and Chrome.
Not tested on mobile/tablets yet.

==== Demo ====
You can check progress so far here:

==== Things to improve ====
- Some elements aren't 100% accurate - still working on it.
- Add subtile textures just like in original
- Add avatars and styling to lists
- Fix height of panell to some value and add scrolling inside lists
- Enable class change on click for lists headers. I suppose initial idea was that blue is used for selected item.
- Same for bottom tab bar - enable selection
- ...wrap all the things on top of tab bar in another div and make cool transition for content swap.

==== References ====
Animation at start was made with use of awesome Animate.css library by Dan Eden, which can be found here:

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