Kalpesh Prithyani

Mixtape 📻

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Here is my submission for Frontify Playoff.
It's a concept application that I wanted to design for so long. Mixtape helps you find people who have the same music taste as yours and you can share music with them. Because sometimes we are just sitting there, bored with our playlist and finding a piece of new music to groove becomes tough.
I even want to develop this app and maybe a Macbook can help me 🙈

But you know what would be better than that? A lifetime free (or maybe a year :P) trial of Frontify ❤.
Frontify is awesome. I couldn't help but try all the features of frontify. If you are like me and tired of emailing the logo file to everyone in the team 😥. Try Frontify. It is the best way to insure design consistency throughout your brand.
Want to see more on Mixtape? Here are my design guidelines and other assets:

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