DAY 04 - Dice-Boy (ITEM/NPC) [INKTOBER 2019]⠀

04 - Dice-Boy (ITEM/NPC)⠀
Name: Dyson ⠀

Description: This Clay Dice, when thrown, transforms into a miniature dice-folk boy. It's neutral to you and your companions for the duration of a battle or 1 hour & grants everyone 3+ hit within a radius of 10 feet. It does not obeys any verbal commands that you issue to it. If provoked it will break into song. ⠀

Skills: Perception +6 Deception +3 Persuasion +1⠀

Special Abilities: ⠀
• The song of dice (Radius: 50 feet) - The song is piercing to the ears, anyone within the radius rolls disadvantage until 1 hour/battle is finished.⠀

• Vicious Mockery (Page: 285 PHB)⠀

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