Tarot Card Series 1: 1 The Magician

(**Getting caught up on Dribbble –and you may have seen these all on my Instagram, bear 🐻with me. These are for sale via me for now. And in black and white, and in large cards.)

I did not like this one at all when I first inked it. I had flowers and bushes upfront and the actual magician was way further back. Once I zoomed in and added some blurry background foliage, it felt way better. Excited to see this one printed! (and, yes... the goblet is a little nod to the Infinity Gauntlet (but not too much) and the sword/brand lockup is an X for x-men – because once a geek, always a geek). 🤓

From Tarot.com: "The Magician card is a reminder that you are a unique being, and have many gifts that others do not hold. These skills set you apart from the crowd and can help you begin new projects or overcome adversity. When The Magician comes up in your Tarot reading, it's a reminder that you needn't wait -- you already hold everything you need to move forward and accomplish what you've set out to do.” 😀

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