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Free course: Sound Design Fundamentals

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Do you know that you can make your animation twice ✌️ as cool if you add the magic of 🔥 Sound Design 🔥 ? 🔊

Well, there's an opportunity to try this magic right now in our brand new free Sound Design Fundamentals course which reveals the basics of sound design and how to use it in your Instagram shots.

This course is a must for motion designers wanting to upgrade their portfolio for Dribbble or Instagram and for Sound Design beginners wanting to discover the workflow of a world-class sound design studio Daruma Audio 💪

The author of the course, Dmitry Novozhilov (founder of Daruma Audio) created music and sound design for various media projects all over the world, such as Snapchat, McDonald's, Mastercard, Pornhub, Google, Acronis and many others.

With the Sound Design Fundamentals course, you will:
✔️ Get access to two libraries with 300+ sounds for your projects;
✔️ Learn about the workflow of a world-class sound design studio;
✔️ Get to know the easiest way to upgrade your portfolio.

Enroll now and bring your shots to a brand new level: magic link.

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