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I'm updating my website and visual identity to bring it in line with a clearer vision of where I want to go with my work, 'as simple but as communicative as possible' and the reviews I do for BP&O and The Dieline.

The first level is the juxtaposition of mass production (large print runs, systems and strategy) and craft (hand finishes, detail and a personal approach). This is reflected through the combination of geometric form, layout and machine produced materials alongside a highlighter finish, a sort-of half-tone photography and tactile material choices.

The plan is to scan in some more organic looking highlighter strokes for digital scenarios and a physical personalised action in front of prospective clients.

The divide between the digital world, (informality across social networks) and the physical world (professionalism) is captured by the abbreviated Rich monogram (for Twitter etc) and the full Richard Baird logo-type across stationary.

The second level is my dual role as a designer and design writer, represented by the highlighted nature of the type, picking out the two parts of my name in a compounded logo-type. It's essentially about critical analysis, spotting detail and representing pragmatism.

The use of structure, layout, geometry, plenty of space and a simple sans serif type choice are designed to capture my reductionist, modernistic, practical and strategic aspirations while the bright colours (applied by hand and practically skipping neon spot costs) and unusual layouts were designed to imply creative thinking. There's also references to contemporary arts and crafts in the secondary type and border but managed to avoid marble.

I couldn't quite animate the highlighter strokes so will have to work on that detail a little more, any ideas how to do that?

I'm also thinking of putting my designer information on the horizontal and blog information on the vertical.

Some of you will notice this is the second time I've done a rebrand this year, I'm sure you'll understand getting something you're happy with is pretty difficult. I do however think this is reflective of where I want to go (rather than representing what I'm doing now). I think you only get the projects you want by expressing this in the way you market/visually represent yourself.

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