Magda Rebranding - Brand Identity Guidelines

I was tasked with the exciting challenge of giving agency Magda ( a new unique revamped identity. Something that would express their own personality of the cutting edge product they offer, a feeling of being approachable, friendly, as well as intelligent and professional.

Magda is the powerhouse behind the official Australian Government’s portal for public sharing of departments’ data - It is an open-source software platform designed to assist in all areas of the data ecosystem. In partnership with the Digital Transformation Agency, Department of Environment and Energy, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Having the opportunity to first work on the product design and UI of the entire platform gave me a unique insight and in depth understanding into their main use cases, audiences, and personality, allowing me to instinctively craft a brand identity and new logomark that I knew was specifically suited to their value propositions.

It’s clean, fresh, bold, modern - the new Magda brand identity complements the extraordinary technology they have built in this platform.

Charlie McEvoy
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