03 - Hell-Shiner (NPC)⠀
Name: Rut’zul the hell-shiner ⠀

Background: Eons of climbing the ranks of the nine hells - Rut’zul is tricked by a past party and becomes the nine hells no.1 janitor.⠀

Skills: Perception +6 Deception +3 Persuasion +1⠀

Special Abilities: ⠀
• Bucket of rage (Thrown Item) - Creature that gets any of the content of the bucket on them goes into an instant-rage and attacks the closest creature next to them. (Duration: 2 hours)⠀
• Prestidigitation (Page: 267 PHB)⠀
• Hallow (Page: 249 PHB)⠀

Directors commentary 🎬: so like... I blame my dyslexia... I read it as hell shiner - so this guys is the neighbourhood janitor!⠀

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