Orri Eyþórsson

Húsfinnur - Home Rental Website

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An old pet project that me and my friend Daníel conceptualized, designed and developed from ground up.

The Icelandic home rental market is tough, finding and advertising homes and apartments for rent is a choir. The few platforms for this segment are either pay-to-view or pay-to-advertise, with Facebook groups being the only exeption. We decided to create a completely free-to-use website where you can find and advertise homes and apartments for rent.

The website was designed mobile-first and developed using React and Firebase.

For a platform like this to thrive, you need landlords to advertise their properties, so one of our main focuses was making the experience of creating ads as quick and effortless as possible. I'll show more of the ad-making user flow in an upcoming shot, so give me a follow if you're interested in seeing more!

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