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  1. Dan Cederholm Dan Cederholm

    So I'm working on presentation slides, and I'm talking about how I was obsessed with the Atari 2600, yet never had one as a kid. Instead, my parents got us an Odyssey2.

    You can see the pleading on the dad's face in this advert. At lease I hope he's the dad.

    "See, it's just like the Atari!"

    It's not.

    over 4 years ago

  2. Adam Darowski Adam Darowski

    When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier, yet never had one. Instead, my parents got us an Apple IIGS. I'm grateful, since it shaped my entire life, but I think I'm still gonna get my son that aircraft carrier off eBay.

    over 4 years ago

  3. Ethan Marcotte Ethan Marcotte

    Wow. I had a Atari 2600* when I was a kid, and don’t think I’d ever heard of the Odyssey2. Crazy.

    * neener neener neener neener

    over 4 years ago

  4. Dan Cederholm Dan Cederholm

    I want to pummel you with dusty old cartridges right now.

    over 4 years ago

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