Vinayak Mukherjee

Gold-Conference Landing

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Landing page from a project that I am working on for a Dubai based gold maker's conference conducted by

The aim of the website on the whole is to inform people about upcoming events, and have a streamlined manner of receiving requests to attend the conference. It is a free conference and seats are reserved on first-come-first-serve basis so on-boarding people through the landing page is a prime concern. In lieu of this fact, some interesting information and an option to reserve a seat is provided ( HCI logic : reward for explicit interest ).

interesting side-note: This website is being built using a 5-column responsive grid as information is limited and large images dominate the real-estate.
Using a 5-column layout helps in accommodating large blocks of text/images , and reduces coding complexity by using 'stacking' and/or 'doubling' of columns for responsiveness.

I will update with the link to the live website when finished.

Cheers Dribbblers :)

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